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Take the stress out of your Miami long-distance move with Joe's Moving and Storage

When you are trying to find the right company for your long-distance move, you should consider Joe's Moving & Storage as the best option. We have proudly served the Miami area since 1974, and we are able to assist with your move no matter where you plan to go. Our goal is to create customers for life so that you can get the help you need again and again. In order to gain our customer's' loyalty and trust, we utilize a client-centered approach that is methodical and consistent.

Tailored Miami long-distance moving services end-to-end

Our broad menu of moving service options allows you to choose as few or as many services as you need. You can choose to pack your own belongings and have us simply load and unload them. Alternatively, you can have our professional movers pack everything for you and then transport your entire household from coast to coast. We also offer unpacking services when we reach your destination according to your specific instructions. The service level that you choose can be customized to fulfill your specific needs. We will meet with you and help you throughout the process, taking note of everything in a written moving plan for your reference.

State-of-the-art technology for your benefit

In order to ensure that our customers enjoy the smoothest moves, we use state-of-the-art technology that allows you to track your move. You can login and see exactly where your belongings are at as they are transported across the country. Our representatives are available to answer your call 24 hours a day. We thoroughly train our relocation agents and only choose movers who are highly reliable and punctual, allowing you to know that your belongings will be handled and transported with the utmost care.

Contact Joe's Moving & Storage for your Miami long-distance moving needs

Moving far away involves a lot of duties, and we can take away one of the biggest hassles of your relocation. By choosing the right company to take care of transporting your household, you can instead concentrate on all of the other tasks involved with your long-distance move. We understand how important it is that your furniture, artwork, kitchenware and other possessions arrive at their destination intact. Call Joe's Moving & Storage today to schedule your move so that you can turn your attention to everything else.